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Welcome to BMB Renewables Ltd.


BMB Renewables Ltd invests in renewable energy assets. We invest in the future.


Investing in renewable energy enables you to become actively involved in one of the critical issues of our time: how to address rising demand for power in an environmentally friendly manner, that will not do lasting damage to our planet.


These are some of the benefits that we can offer our investors:


· Secure capital investments in a sector showing rising demand


· We offer investors the opportunity to spread their risk by investing in carefully structured packages of

  assets involving two sources of energy (sun and wind), different renewable technologies and different



· We enable our investors to establish their own risk profile by allowing them to choose between investing

  in existing assets already connected to the grid, assets in varying stages of development or a mixture of

  the two


· We offer long-term secure income streams, often index-linked


· We offer attractive running returns on equity, which are both higher and more secure than many

  competing investment sectors


· We offer transparent asset-management, with BMB Renewables Ltd sharing in the risks and rewards with

  our investors


· We offer an environmentally friendly and ethical investment sector


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